Never Search for Flights again with Flightfox!

- April 4, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


No traveler wants to miss a great deal when planning to fly across the globe nor do they want to spend hours hunting through the exhaustive list of travel sites on the internet. What if they wanted to globe trot with pets? Lauren McLeod and Todd Sullivan from Flightfox, may just have found a better solution.

Unlike other flight search engines, Flightfox is a human powered flight search that does the trawling for you. Experts from around the world go against each other to find travellers the best flights. Flightfox is a marketplace where there is interaction and more knowledge to help people make better suggestions.  “The algorithms found in other flight search engines are limited in their routing capabilities and some only show fares from airlines that they get commission from,” says Lauren. “If you wanted to fly from Sydney to London, it may cost you $1,500 but there may be a cheaper way to fly to London through other routes. Search engines aren’t going to search that for you,” she added.

So how does it work? Enter your trip details on Flightfox, creating a ‘contest’ between crowds of experts who submit their best flight options to you. Lauren says “travellers decide what their favourite idea is and the experts are motivated by a finder’s fee.” It only costs $29 to use the Flightfox service but different finder’s fee models are in the works.

Since launching Flightfox, they have managed to save their customers close to $50,000.

Flightfox are part of the 2012 Startmate Class.