Mobile Audience makes YouTube Partners MORE Money!

- April 29, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Currently there are over 30,000 YouTube Partners, these people make substantial amounts of money from YouTube having advertising on their videos every month. They have Deep levels of engagement and loyal subscribers. But not many people realise they are losing revenue.

You see more and more people are watching YouTube videos on their phones, but the advertising is not integrated into this, so partners are losing money. Sydney Startup Weekend stand out “Mobile Audience” have created a White Label App for YouTube solving this problem.

The team have already signed up multiple channels to the service, all with a collective 90,000 subscribers, they plan to charge the standard $1.25 CPM for mobile views and based on those numbers popular YouTube partners would probably end up making an extra $10,000 a year on missed revenue.

This is definitely one to watch, mobile and video just keep growing and this service is going to be very popular.