Ladies Run the Night

- April 30, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


In their pitch at Sydney Startup weekend “Run Safe” founders asked a question, “You are a woman, do you feel safe going for a run after work in the dark?” The overwhelming majority answered “NO” – Run Safe is a social running community, aimed specifically at women, allowing them to identity and form social running groups with other like minded individuals in their area to run with, providing safety in numbers.

Using a system called “Trust Circles” users are able to select exactly who is able to see their running tracks allowing them to be fit an healthy with people they feel secure with, who are also at their running level. The App will be ready in around 2 weeks time and will be launching within existing running communities across Australia first. They also plan to form strategic partnerships with other Fun Runs and Marathon’s to help promote women being fit and active together.

As someone who doesn’t get time to go to the gym each day, instead preferring to run [or if we are being honest walk] later in the evening, I think that this application is brilliant and will have no trouble at all forming partnerships with both major events and key sports brands alike.