Invc.Me – Reducing Carbon Footprint for SME's

- April 2, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


The business world heavily relies on paper and Australia remains one of the worst offenders in carbon emissions, a study by The Global Carbon Project, has found.  Chris Hexton and James Lamont have produced an alternative method to create and send invoices, reducing your carbon footprint, while you to get paid online.

Invc.Me is a flexible invoice template system that also sends automatic reminders to debtors. Whether you’re a small or big business, sole trader or freelancer, it’s a useful tool for accounts receivable. Users simply create a log in, enter their details in the invoice and click send. It’s that simple.

The Invc.Me system offers an online payment option that helps reduce payment time thus increasing cash flow. All the data is backed up automatically in the cloud; eliminating duplication, templates, and filing.

The system allows any service provider to track the status of their invoices, and provides automated reminders and overdue notices. If your customer is late with payments, refer the problem to the Invc.Me collections team with a click of a button, where they follow it up directly.

“No service provider wants to deal with the administrative pain that causes trouble with the invoicing process,” says Chris.  “Invc.Me does it all for you and lets you focus on getting paid quickly,” he added.

Invc.Me are part of the 2012 Startmate Program