Happy Inspector – Streamlining Property Management!

- April 2, 2012 2 MIN READ


Experienced iPhone developers, Jindou Lee, Phillip Mayes and Andrew Mackenzie-Ross, have built a user friendly mobile inspection app that’s got the property sector talking. LJ Hooker, Professionals Real Estate Group, and Century 21st Australia, are just a few of the 150 plus organisations who swear by The Happy Inspector app and over one thousand property managers have kissed the complex inspection checklists good-bye.

After pitching the idea to a large group of excited property inspectors, the trio now had to create the product. Not knowing “how big of a project it was going to be”, the team spent close to six months working up close and personal with property managers, building the prototype. “We worked 80 hours per week in order to construct an intimate customer profile; from the tools they use and how they go about doing their business,” says Jindou. “Hundreds of thousands of man hours have been spent on developing it.”

The Happy Inspector app is a tailored inspection sheet, exclusive to each home on the inspection list,” says Jindou. Property managers can easily navigate areas and checkboxes, and with a ‘quick check’ feature, it helps them sign off entire rooms, fast. Each inspection report automatically documents the time and date of the inspection, and also has a field for noting the water meter. “When the valuation is complete, assessors simply hit ‘send’, and the relevant people receive the report via email,” says Jindou. Lost paper, forgetting to record, pens, clipboards and print-outs are history. Property managers simply need to carry one device to do it all. “This app is really easy for them to use and it speeds up the items on the inspection sheet that usually takes a long time to complete,” says Jindou.

The app is free to download via iTunes and the first five inspections are free. Monthly service fees will be introduced depending on the number of inspections.

Happy Inspector is part of the 2012 Startmate Class.