From an Ironing Board as a desk to Multimillionaire!

- April 13, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Annette is a great example of starting your business on a shoe string and achieving incredible success quickly. She started her business with a loan from her in-laws, “I used my ironing board as one of my desks and did everything that was needed to run my publishing company.

” I wrote my first low fat cookbook some 14 years ago and the minute it hit the newsagents it was a best seller. I printed 10,000 copies (some thought I was totally crazy to do that many) but luck for me I did as I was sold out in under 2 weeks and it was with a Queensland release only”.

Three months later her book was selling nationally and she sold over 100,000 copies in the first year. She now has 6 cookbooks & one for the US as well. She has sold over 3 million cookbooks and has just started her 7th cookbook for a late 2012 release.

With no tertiary education or previous business experience, she has turned the triumph over her own weight loss and health struggles into a multi-million dollar business and to date her over 3 million cookbooks have all been self-published.

This is a story of dreams coming true and creating a life only some could dream of. “I still run my own business from my home and have won national awards in business and was listed twice in the top entrepreneurial women in Australia”.

Take a look at her website http://symplytoogood.com.au