Entrepreneurs, Angels & TechConnect 2012

- April 20, 2012 2 MIN READ


Yesterday over 250 Entrepreneurs, Tech Geeks and Investors attended the TechConnect 2012 event that was held by Slattery IT. The whole success of the event relies on the support from Australia’s entrepreneurial community – with top their founders and business owners etc give up their time and come and share their experiences in tech with the audience.

The day was also used as an opportunity to launch Tech23 . This event is currently in it’s fourth year and will be held on Tuesday, October 23rd. It will involve 23 of the most innovative, young Australian companies, presenting to an audience of over 400, as well as a panel of industry experts. So if you fit this description head on over to the website and learn how you can put your hat in the ring.

Yesterday kicked off with Mitch Harper from Big Commerce, who told the audience about their story of building a business that will soon be hitting $20 million in revenue from $20,000 on a credit card. They are the fastest growing e-commerce platform in the world. This was then followed by a series of split sessions where attendees could align themselves with topics that best suited them. Angel Investing was a big pull for the day attracting a lot of attention and questions around the best way to get in contact and start a conversation and of course pitch for capital.

Scott Middleton from Terem Technologies told us that he had been to several TechConnect events “The talks have given me inspiration, and I am now thinking well these guys did it, why not just take the same approach. It was interesting to hear about his mindset change”.

Likewise Peter Moriarty  from IT Genius said “It is great to hear from people that started with zero and hear the process they went through in turning it into a multi million dollar company. The key thing that stuck with me was one of the speakers said you only ever have time or money to leverage when you are starting up and you need to work out what you have and use it wisely”.

TechConnect 2012 covered as much information as they could in one day and we are looking forward to seeing what they give us next year!