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- April 16, 2012 3 MIN READ


Angela Vithoulkas is a multi award winning small business owner and entrepreneur. Over the past 27 years Angela has created, built and sold many businesses, she is a highly sought after keynote speaker across various industries, and represents the voice of small business on the City of Sydney Retail Advisory Panel and was recently appointed as a Panel Member for the ATO Micro Business Partnership allowing her to provide vital feedback to the ATO on matters of the administration of the tax system for small businesses.

In Australia there are over 1.9 million small businesses in operation, and until now there has never been a specific place that all of them can go and have a voice -literally. In her newest venture, Eagle Waves Radio Vithoulkas aims to change this “There are over 2 million small businesses in Australia, my goal is to give them a unified voice – finally. We are able to deliver information in a unique, innovative and creative format that will both entertain and inform this undernourished area of our economy. Small business gets a lot of lip service but very little significant support. That’s about to change. Eagle Waves Radio is there for ALL small business – from start-ups to lifers, from solo owners to medium enterprises”.

Having a weekly podcast, or weekly radio show is one thing and anybody who does this at the moment in the business world would completely understand the hard work and effort that goes into making it a reality. But to build an entire radio station from scratch is something else out of this world – especially when you are already running a small business yourself. In a smart move and world first, Angela has built the first ever studio within the business that she has owned for the last 10 years VIVO Cafe.

“I have found a way to uniquely add to my cafe business by building a visible studio, allow interaction with cafe customers and take advantage of my existing site – over 300,000 people walk past my cafe per week. In peak CBD times am /pm, 40,000 people cross the intersection of King & George St Sydney CBD in front of my cafe in one hour 8-9am / 4-5pm” In a style not too different to Channel 7’s Sunrise people within the cafe and walking past on the street, will be able to see all the action of the live shows unfolding right before their eyes!

The first LIVE shows go to air this Thursday – Super Eagle 4-5pm for the Self Managed Super Funds and all things Super and Eagle Startups 5-6pm covering the stars and up and coming names of the start-up world. Angela’s Business Mix will also run on Monday evenings and other shows are being added to the schedule as this article is published.

“I am excited to finally be able to start this enterprise with our first live broadcasts this Thursday. Eagle Waves Radio – the voice of small business, is something I am proud to have created, developed and literally built into a world first – the first ever live internet radio station broadcasting from a cafe” says Vithoulkas. “We will also be extending the hours of VIVO cafe on Thursday evenings in the coming weeks so that entrepreneurs and business owners can come and buy a drink and network with likeminded individuals, as well as pitch themselves to the team to be on the show”.

Given that the startup show is the last Thursday show of the evening, this represents a great opportunity for our community to get another regular meet up happening as well as an even greater opportunity to broadcast the great things we are doing to a much larger audience.

On a personal note having seen the entire Eagle Waves story unfold from concept to creation before my very eyes over the last 6 months, it makes me happy and proud to see an individual that out of passion for seeing more collaboration between business owners and the determination for giving small business a voice – that such a great platform has been created, that in my view is going to grow extremely fast.

“I cant wait to present Eagle Waves to the world, and to showcase the people who make up the engine of our economy and the backbone of our nation – Small Business” finishes Vithoulkas.

Video of the Installation of Eagle Waves Radio Station into the Cafe


A Studio Is Born from Fraser St. Creative on Vimeo.

A Studio Is Born from Fraser St. Creative on Vimeo.