Become a Virtual Tour Guide!

- April 30, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


Guided tours are over priced and let’s face it – most are a “little bit shit” according to the founders of Guided Tour Guru – another Sydney Startup Weekend Company. They allow everyday people like you and me to upload our own tours and make mine from it, via their new app.

For instance, I may live in Paddington and know all the best places to shop at – I can create my own expert “shopping” tour according to me, upload it in the app and be paid a commission per numbers of downloads of that particular tour. In their market research the team found that 80% of tourists loved the idea and would download the app straight away. They also discovered that tour guides saw it as another potential income stream for them to have on the side.

The app will have a social rating system built inside allowing the community of users to determine the standout guides and avoid the ones that may be “a bit shit”. Personally I like the revenue model of making money in app per tour that you download, the key to making it work will be forming strong relationships with partners that can push them out to the tourist community and clever marketing to get people creating their own tours.