Be in the know with POP UP

- April 30, 2012 < 1 MIN READ


With small business struggling to pay their enormous rents each week, Pop Up stores are on the rise and this new business plans to make it easier for consumers to find them.

POP UP is a new app that will allow users to search for Pop Up stores around their area, the app is clean lined and visual making it easier for users to interact with their favourite brands and products. So far the founders already have 17,000 people subscribed to their e-newsletter in the Melbourne area alone.

In addition to locating the latest Pop Up stores, the app can show you how to get there and be used to invite people to VIP events and Clearance sales etc. To List, Brands pay $500 for the first month of being on the app and then the price decreases whilst your Pop Up Shop is still in its location after the launch month.

POP UP was created in Sydney’s Latest Startup weekend and will be launching soon.