9 Year Old Builds an Arcade & Teaches us a Few Things!

- April 11, 2012 2 MIN READ

There are times when you hear a story that really re- teaches you valuable lessons that you need to visit again in both life and business. The movie clip below is a short film about a 9 year old boy called Caine who built an arcade at the front of his father’s auto parts shop during the summer holidays. Aside from the fact that some serious skill and imagination has gone into building the arcade games and “business” – there are some serious lessons I was reminded of whilst watching the film that made me sit back and do a health check on my own business. Here are 5 things we can learn from the business that Caine has created.


This is perhaps the biggest quality displayed throughout this video. Everyday he went to work with his father, everyday he persistently asked and tried to sell his product to passers by and people that walked into his Dad’s shop. Yes if he was dependant on this business to live, it is perhaps not the best route to take, but he showed he was able to stick with something and persist even though the situation was tough.

Time Management

“Do you want to pack up and go home early?” – Kane said “No” – Managing in house sales teams I can not tell you how many times I see people asking for and taking early marks from work. When it is your business and your living you need to think differently to those people – time is money and going home early and not putting in a hard days work can work to your disadvantage in the beginning.


Caine is in the Arcade Business and is 100% focused on the arcade business. Everything from his home made machines, prize wall, uniform and pricing system reflected this. Too many times we see people trying to do 100 different things half heartedly and never achieve what they are after. Caine is doing a few things and is doing them well.

What did you learn from watching Caine?