“Wat Ya Got” – 14 year old Cairns Boy, launches social site!

- March 15, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

If you want to know the meaning of dedication – keep reading. Michael and Liam Lentas are a father and son team, Michael [the father] lives in the Northern Territory Outback and son Liam in Cairns where he still attends high school. So when I first came across these two about 6 months ago I was really surprised to hear they were building a tech startup – Watyagot which is now in BETA phase and available to the public.

Though there are still quite a few tweaks to happen, by the pairs own admission – the concept behind the site is pretty cool. Basically users show each other “What They’ve Got” – it’s a modern tech version of “show and tell” back from my early school days, except it is a chance for everyone young and old to get in on the action.

Once the community really starts building on this, it is definitely going to quickly turn into a hub for collectors and enthusiasts – I think cars, motorcycles and antiques will be among some of the most popular gots. Then you will get a large following of the younger generation, where the got’s will be eclectic, shocking but hilarious. It will be interesting to see the transitions and how the founders choose to scale the site to accommodate the silo’s of users.

Michael is moving to Queensland at the end of the month, putting him in closer proximity to his business partner and son, a good move as they begin their search for seed capital to take the project to the next level.

What have you Got?