Unconvention’s a Hit in Sydney & Melbourne!

- March 5, 2012 2 MIN READ

While most people would have rolled back over and went to sleep on what was at least in Sydney a miserable Saturday weather wise, a movement of some of Australia’s youngest and brightest travelled from all over the place to attend the Sydney and Melbourne, Young Entrepreneurs Unconvention’s that happened on the weekend.

We were there front and centre and thrilled to see a movement of approx 1000 people between the two events held on Saturday and Sunday, buzzing with excitement and open minds, connecting with like-minded individuals and forming what I am sure will be some strong partnerships that in some cases will last for years.

Speakers over the two days included Larry Bloch [netregistry] Andrew Thomas [Ernest & Young 2010 Entrepreneur of the Year] Liz Atkinson [Zest Possibilities] Stuart Cook [Zambrero] and Jack Delosa [Founder of The Entourage] – It was a jam packed couple of days full of great information and content.

One of the highlights of the two days was the amazing and extremely compelling pitch given by Nathan Murphy of Eyecrowd, his conviction, presence and passion for the startup scene has cemented that he is definitely going to be someone in 10 years time that will be regarded as one of Australia’s foremost CEO’s and entrepreneurs.

The Unconvention is run by The Entourage who also provide courses and coaching for Young Entrepreneurs and Startups. These courses allow business owners to achieve growth in their business, manage their business better and scale up their sales activity by giving them support that they currently don’t have in their business. Cheryl Thai from the very successful Cupcake Central in Melbourne is one such success story, having grown from 4 staff and 1 store to multiple stores and over 1 million dollar turn over in less than a year of attending the two day program.