The Online Personal Training Movement!

- March 21, 2012 2 MIN READ

If someone would have said even 5 years ago that thousands of people would be getting their personal training over the internet and getting fantastic results, many would have laughed and told them it’s not possible. How wrong they would be.

There is a new movement in town and a growing trend in the Personal Training, Health and Fitness industry where your digitally savvy PT is starting to take a multi channel approach to the way they conduct business. Traditionally personal training has been a small group or one on one thing – a rather intimate affair that certainly get’s people results, and makes the PT Business owner some pretty good coin. However as the client base expands, then the Business Owner must employ more people to help and that is when the costs of operation start to rise.

Online personal training allows PT’s to keep their costs low, meaning more profits. Perhaps one of the most successful examples of this is the 12 Week Body Transformation online program from Biggest Loser trainer Michelle Bridges. Yes, she has a huge following and this certainly helps gain attention, but there are plenty of other personal trainers out there who have just as an engaged audience as she does.

So let’s look at Michelle’s program a little closer and identify the elements that make it a success:

  • Uses a lot of Social Media – She has thousands people on Twitter and over 75,000 people on the 12WBT Facebook page, the community here is is extremely engaged and she takes a very personalised approach daily to what is going on.
  • She provides people with inspirational videos twice a week to keep them on track, and discuss common topics in depth so people actually learn something.
  • The meal plans and recipes are provided for the 12 weeks, meaning you literally only have to follow a schedule – great for time poor people, which most people are these days.
  • She has a great automated lead generation system, ifs up front at the beginning with here pricing and this means that she is only getting quality leads to follow up.

If we now do a little bit of estimation and look very conservatively at the maths behind the idea now, you will see in terms of profitability it is a much more scalable way to build an extended customer base. Let’s just say that a conservative 1% of people on her Facebook wall were doing the 12 week program at $200 each – and this four times throughout the year – instantly she is adding around $600,000 to her bottom line by having a slick automated program that she physically does not have to be face to face with clients for.

Even at only 50 clients, this would represent $10,000 extra on top of your day to day business each quarter, and what small business owner would say “no” to an extra $40K per year?

So before you start saying “Online would never work in my Industry” have a think about what systemisation would look like first – you could simply be cheating yourself out of an opportunity to have an extra income source by simply having a closed mind set.

Michelle – You are an Inspiration! – What a Smart Business Move!

[anyone done the 12WBT? I have just enrolled for the next round, be great to hear tips on how you scheduled it around your business building schedule]