Startup uses Carrier Pigeons to Deliver Messages

- March 15, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Tech Startup PigeonPost have created a new app that helps you to connect with others and send amazing postcards to your friends and family. With the PigeonPost app they hope to revolutionise social messaging through reviving the old flair of sending postcards. But instead of simply sending e-Cards or printing postcards, you’ll be part of a fun and social way of having the community of CarrierPigeons delivering the postcard for you.

You can snap a photo with your iPhone and use this as the background of your postcard, you can change and tweak the image. You then flip the postcard over to add a title, text and address before you drop it in your current location. Other PigeonPost users can see the postcard in their proximity & can pick it up and then carry it closer to its destination. Add crazy comments and pictures along the way for the recipient to be part of the postcard’s journey. You’ll also be rewarded for carrying the postcards to their destination.

This app is less about the practicality of getting a message to someone and more about following the adventure the message goes on to reach the destination – What I love about it personally is that, if I was to send a postcard to my friend in New York, it could end up being a 3 month journey that bi-passes through Africa and Europe before it even lands on American shores. You also never know what types of new connections will be made throughout the process.

What will insure this app succeeds will be adoption by a critical mass globally, no easy task – but definitely possible given the “experience” factor the application offers to users.