Startup: Ship 2 Anywhere

- March 14, 2012 3 MIN READ

Ship 2 Anywhere is an innovative Australian online service that has officially launched to bring cheap and simple shipping to individuals and businesses with a level of service that is not available elsewhere. Along with its second site, USA Parcel Forwarding,Ship 2 Anywhere makes national and international shipping accessible, easier, cheaper, quicker and more practical.

For outgoing deliveries, Ship 2 Anywhere makes it easy for customers to make bookings for their parcel shipments online while automatically receiving the cheapest price the service can find. Its worldwide network extends to more than 210 countries and territories. Ship 2 Anywhere caters to individuals and businesses, specialising in worldwide shipping, airfreight, personal effects and individual baggage shipments.

Incoming deliveries from the U.S.A. are made possible and more affordable with Ship 2 Anywhere’s newest initiative, USA Parcel Forwarding, a service that allows Australians to place orders on U.S. websites and have the items stored or shipped to international locations. USA Parcel Forwarding provides customers with their own unique U.S.-based mailing address. Parcels can be sent to that address (often with free postage) and then forwarded on to Australia with reduced-priced shipping.

The one-of-a-kind service gives Australians easy access to the range and low prices of America’s huge online retail market. Until USA Parcel Forwardingwas founded, Australians customers faced the problem of trying to buy goods from U.S. stores which would not ship to addresses overseas or had shipping costs that were simply too expensive to be practical.

Ship 2 Anywhere grew out of a chance meeting between founders Jack Fitzgerald and Michael Teasdale. During this encounter they discovered a shared determination to create something innovative that would revolutionise the way the shipping industry serviced individuals and businesses.

Co-founder Michael Teasdale says, “After seeing the need for a service that would solve people’s shipping challenges while at the same time offering a superior level of service, we set about starting up a personable business that would shake things up and challenge the rest of the shipping industry to do things differently.”

Ship 2 Anywhere is quickly developing a reputation for being truly unique in the savings it can offer because the founders are constantly thinking outside the square, or ‘parcel’.

For example, to send a 1kg parcel from Melbourne to New York costs $58.28 – that’s less than half the price of other couriers. A 5kg parcel from Melbourne to New York costs just $108.85. The cheapest supplier charges $248.27!

By using USA Parcel Forwarding customers can purchase a pair of men’s Asics Kayano runners, for example, for $149.99 USD (versus $249.95 at an Australian store) and have then shipped for only $39.09, or you could purchase a pair of Rayban Polarized sunglasses for $239.95 USD (versus $329.95 at an Australian store) and have them shipped for $39.09. And, anything that’s worth $120 or less comes with free insurance.

Ship 2 Anywhere’s access to U.S.-based logistics companies has also paved the way for a USA Order Fulfilment service, which allows local online businesses to stock their products in Ship 2 Anywhere’s American warehouse for rapid, inexpensive shipping to their U.S. customers. This makes Australian online retailers much more competitive in the U.S. market.

The founders are continuously coming up with new ways to keep their competitors on their toes. Ship 2 Anywhere is passionate about solving its customers’ shipping challenges and stimulating the freight industry to do things differently. Not only do they deliver their customers’ parcels, but they also deliver on their promises!

When still in the beta stage, Ship 2 Anywhere was named as having one of Australia’s 100 most innovative products in the Anthill Magazine ‘SMART 100’ Index. It also placed fourth in the contest’s Readers’ Choice category, and Jack Fitzgerald was made one of the ‘30under30’ winners.

Definitely one to watch in the next 12 months, especially with the growth in online business!