Startup: Rollie Nation

- March 7, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Classic Shoe Design Meets Signature Style with a Twist with new Melbourne based footwear label Rollie Nation.

Life demands colour, function and style. The universal desire for youthful, good old-fashioned fun is what pulls us all toward a fresh take on established favorites. Living life in lightweight style with a signature twist is what makes a life full of colour” says founder Vince Lebron.

Innovative and colourful shoe company Rollie Nation is kicking off its youthful launch with a bang. The Derby, Chukka and Boxer shoes are all based on well-loved design with a loud Rollie splash of colour and unique white accents. A lightweight design defines Rollie, comfort being colour’s equal. For women and men, these iconic styles can go anywhere and do anything. New website features make shopping even easier as this brand launches to the international level.

Footwear guru Lebon started Rollie Nation in 2011, inspired by the idea of making lightweight, colorful shoes one never would want to take off. Signature white stitching, laces and outsole contrast with big colours and simple design. Lebon has been in the shoe industry for nine years and uses his artistic background and global experience to create the freshest takes on classic styles.