Startup ‘MeeMeep’ is a new way of Moving Stuff!

- March 29, 2012 2 MIN READ

When 24 year old Will Emmet teamed up with George Mackey and Rob and Jodie Emmett to create a new site that used collaborative consumption to minimise the cost of moving things locally and nationally across the country -it made sense that he would take on the role of the marketing guru for the company.

Previous to co-founding MeeMeep, Will was the CEO of Left right Think Tank a National non partisan and independent think tank run by people aged between 16 and 24. During his time there he oversaw over 100 volunteers across Australia and Will got to experience first hand the benefits of creating sustainable value for individuals in society.

Influential blogger on the start up scene Kate Kendall says that MeeMeep is one of the top start ups to watch this year. Essentially what the site does is it transforms everyday commuters into couriers, their motto “People Power can Move Anything” is perfectly in line with their goal, which Emmett says is to ‘Equalise the world of transporting things and connect people’.

The business is growing rapidly, people simply register on the site  to join the movement. Once they are registered, the network connects people who need stuff moved to others who are already out and about. An intro happens online, a fee is negotiated between the two parties, and the goods are delivered.

“There is a huge market out there for pick up only items from sites like ebay, Trading Post and Gumtree. Not to mention a lot of interstate movement of items like a bed, a picture frame, a hard drive or a wardrobe. MeeMeep is a very attractive proposition to people who have one off items and don’t have enough stuff to fill a removals truck” says Emmett.

The company is already beginning to collate a long list of success stories such as Murray who by doing a few courier jobs on the side of his regular gig with his own building company has earned $500 by simply taking a pitt stop on the way to job sites. Then we have a host of people that have saved hundreds of dollars on traditional couriers simply by tapping into the social delivery platform and getting things in record turn around times as well!