Startup Labour savings of 80% per Month!

- March 1, 2012 2 MIN READ

Virtual Coworker, a new online recruitment service, is now helping SMEs save on staffing costs by hiring highly qualified, English-speaking professionals based in the Philippines. Braden Yuill, Founder, was inspired to establish Virtual Coworker after building and marketing several successful websites using Filipino software developers hired online.

Yuill says, “After using ‘virtual coworkers’ for some time in our companies, we thought other businesses could benefit from high quality and low cost labour. So we developed a system that makes it easy to find, hire and manage talent from the Philippines.”

Unlike freelance contracting sites, such as Elance and oDesk, Virtual Coworker uses their recruitment expertise in the Philippines to source top candidates working on an ongoing basis, be it part time or full time. Once an employee is chosen, Virtual Coworker contracts them on behalf of the business and handles all payroll and HR requirements, so there’s no administrative burden. In addition, a leading-edge online management system makes it easy to monitor each employee’s activities as if they were working in a local office.

Typical roles that Virtual Coworker recruits for include web design and programming, admin support, telemarketing, finance and accounting. Based on average wages in Australia and the Philippines savings can range from 73 to 84 per cent.

Besides the cost savings, the Philippines is the ideal offshore talent pool. The country has an emphasis on higher education and English is taught in all schools. The Philippines public and private university system combined produces 360,000 graduates per year, of which 30,000 to 50,000 are technically proficient with degrees in computer science and programming. Additionally, the local time in the Philippines is within a few hours of Australia’s time zones, which makes it easy to communicate during business hours.

Yuill believes that the Virtual Coworker is ideal for SMEs, especially start-ups. “The cost savings of hiring people in the Philippines will give more people the opportunity to ramp up new businesses”.

What is really cool about this site in comparison to competitors that I have seen, is that I get to have a bigger picture view of my cost savings as an employer, the price and savings guide on the site, gives you a great indication of what you will be paying and what you will be saving if you are a user of the services.