Spanish Smash – Otra historia de éxito?

- March 1, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Since launching their app Mandarin Madness at Techcrunch Disrupt a short 4 months ago, local startup Native Tongue has been going from strength to strength. Within it’s first week of going live the app was the number 2 education app within Australia, as well as being featured on the featured apps section of the App Store.

Off the back of this, they are now getting orders from schools all over the world who want to incorporate their language learning games into their curriculum for their students learning languages. Spanish Smash is the latest addition to the portfolio and was released this week. The Native Tongue team are looking for a similar response and will be keeping the hype going over the next few months as they roll out their English, French and Japanese versions in the weeks to come.

Having just played the game for an hour instead of getting my work finished and getting an early night, I can tell you that it is not only addictive but extremely educational, it starts you off easy but then the ramification kicks in, then before you know it you can count to ten, or know how to talk about basic clothing. The app is also great for ages young and old – something which is hard to master, it is rare to create something that engages an adult as much as it would a five year old.

Native tongue was born at a Startup Weekend event in Melbourne, taking out the title of the event. They have an extremely exciting 12 months ahead of them – that is certain.