Skills – The latest venture from Delicious founder

- March 6, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Joshua Shachter is the entrepreneur who created sharing and bookmarking site Delicious back in 2003. In his newest venture; Skills, he is aiming to put twitter to good professional use.

In a nut shell the new application let’s Twitter users tell people about things they are good at, people simply tag themselves with the skills or keywords that best describe their talents and then their contacts know what types of things they may be able to help them with if the time ever comes.

The new venture also allows friends to tag other friends with endorsements for skills, this makes verification of those claiming to be skilled in certain areas easier – meaning you are able to tell if people are really as skilled as they say they are. These endorsements are represented by numbers that sit beside you skill sets.

Skills is available now for anyone that has a twitter account, it is free to join and search around for results as well.