Shoe String Snapshots!

- March 8, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Over here at Shoe String Media HQ, we have been doing some serious thinking! – It is an obvious next step in what we do to send out weekly EDM’s in conjunction with our advertising partners in order to cover the costs for running our business and so my journo’s and bloggers can afford to eat. Unfortunately we are now at a stage where people just don’t do what they do here for the love anymore … [when blogs become businesses]

Of course though, the thought of just sending our current subscribers out emails filled with content already on the site made me yawn, and just bombarding people with advertising messages makes me angry – sooo after locking Luke and Derya in a room with me for hours [hostage style] we think we have come up with the perfect solution! One that allows YOU to expose your business to all our readers & us to attract revenue to keep the site going – Win.
We will be choosing 4 awesome startups or small businesses each week. These will be profiled in our Startup Snapshots email that goes out each week and we will insure that everyone who submits with all the info we need has a chance to have their business covered throughout the year.

Just fill in the form below and make sure you ad a picture of yourself! – Just grab it from your Facebook page if you don’t have a high res image. EDM’s begin next week – exciting!