Ninja Blocks is a Startup to Watch out for!

- March 29, 2012 2 MIN READ

Wouldn’t it be great if you knew when someone, who was strictly forbidden, entered your room when you were out? Or to be notified instantly when someone leaves a package for you outside your front door?

Three tech geniuses, Madeleine Moore, Marcus Schappi, and Mark Wotton have created Ninja Blocks that connects your household to the web. The crowdsourced project has gained enormous interest with electronic lovers pledging close to $90,000* to get the product into the market.

The Ninja Blocks serve as a notification system for your Web apps like Twitter, Facebook, Dropbox, and more. To do this, it uses to an online service, called Ninja Cloud, in order to ‘talk’ to websites and Web apps.

Each block is a computer that can sense its surroundings and transmits information back to your favourite web app(s). Built into every Ninja, is an accelerometer and temperature sensor with four (more to come) expansion ports to add further sensors like motion sensors, distance sensor, and a camera. The device can also influence its surroundings by controlling lights and locking your door for example. Ninja Cloud allows users to control their Ninja Blocks “without writing a single line of code,” says Marcus.

“Using Ninja Cloud, users can program their Ninja Block by creating ‘Tasks’,which are made up of ‘Triggers’ (detected movements) and once a trigger has occurred, it’ll set off an ‘Action’ (sending a picture to your selected web app for example),” says Marcus.

If you’re thinking of adding the palm-sized device to your shopping list, set aside at least $155, when the first batch is released.

NinjaBlocks is part of the 2012 Startmate Class.

* The figure represented the amount of pledges made prior March 10, 2012 on crowd-sourcing platform, KickStarter.com. To date, Ninja Blocks have secured $102,935, exceeding their $24,000 target set on KickStarter.