“My Room Mate Sucks!”

- March 19, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

New Startup MyRoomMateSucks.org aims to allow users a safe and anonymous environment to have a bit of a “constructive” vent and bitch about that painful person they are currently sharing a home with. The idea came about when the founders were sitting around sharing the bad experiences they were going through with the people that they lived with.

One thing is always for certain with these types of horror stories, you are always going to hear about someone that has gone through an even worse situation then yourself, and that is exactly what the appeal of this site is to it’s users – a chance to sticky beak into the lives of others and hear their flatmate horror stories – and let’s be honest, no matter how “nice” of a person you are, it is always funny to hear a completely out of this world horror story.

The anonymous aspect of site is controlled tightly, something other sites such as this do not do so well. They are starting to gain a rather strong social media following. In terms of revenue streams, the site does have advertising banners present currently, and it will be interesting to see what direction they take over the next 6 months in the business.