"Moojive" let's you see your friends En Route

- March 29, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

You’re off to an event, and as you come close to your destination you receive a message on your iPhone. “Hey! Before we enter the event, can you grab me a bite? You’re closer to the pub than I am. Chicken burger. Thanks. Dave.”

How did Dave know you were 20 metres away from the pub? Thanks to Moojive, he knew where you were. TJ Tan, Dennis Lo, Steve Cossell and Nishant Menon, are the founders behind the mobile app that provides location-centric messaging and event information between users.

Moojive automatically syncs all your events, including your events on Facebook. The location sharing feature allows you to see your friends en route to the location as your event approaches and the built in chat for quick interaction between members of the event. Similar apps have been developed but lacked features that Moojive have combined.

“Other location-based apps have disappeared in the market, but we at Moojive, wanted to build events that stay around,” says Dennis. “We are integrating Facebook, Google and other events, so that they can be accessed via the app for Apple, Android and Windows users,” he added.

Moojive is part of the current Startmate Program and can be downloaded for your smartphone here.