Melbourne Startup & Speed Teaching Event!

- March 19, 2012 4 MIN READ

Come along to a soiree of networking and brain-picking conversations for the startups and businesses on the prowl for that umph of inspiration that will take your startup to the next level. Join us in Melbourne’s startup powerhouse at York Butter Factory and let the churning of killer ideas begin.

Are you on the look out for strategies and tactics to make your startup a smashing success but lack the expertise in areas like sales, accounting or financing? We will team you up with field experts that specialize in startups and can whip you into shape with their advice. In our speed teaching workshops you will get the chance to network and find an adviser, a mentor or just like-minded people interested in entrepreneurship.

With classes ranging from “fundraising” to “low cost marketing for new business ventures”, there will be crowdpleasers for new-comers as well as tailored advice for the needs of your startup that will make sure everyone walks away choc-full of ideas and practical tips on how you can make things happen; from implementing your new marketing plan to boosting your sales.

Here’s a sampling of what you will learn

  • 10 strategies and techniques that will make sure your business grows exponentially
  • How to restructure the accounting and legal processes of your business – make your foundations rock solid
  • Find the right proactive strategies that will give you that edge over your competitors

For those who want to start their own business

  • How to refine your business idea and minimise risk
  • How to get your idea off the ground
  • Find like-minded individuals willing to invest time, energy and even money on your business

For those wanting to spend an evening meeting Melbourne’s start-up movers and shakers

Hobnob and make friends with people that you share interests with.

The Teachers

How to launch your business in 48 hours!

Daniel May is an organizer of Australia’s Launch48 events and an entrepreneur with a drive to bring business and positive change to the world. Daniel’s cross-cultural experience was the foundation for his first business at 16 (womens’ fashion and sporting goods). A child of the Internet for over 20 years, he is excited by the possibilities that online technology can bring to our lives. Daniel has published extensively, and is an organiser and speaker at international conferences. He has a PhD from Scandinavia in pervasive computing. – Launch48


How to nail the incubator interview

Adrian Stone is a serial entrepreneur and an angel investor. Co-founder, CEO and lead investor at Melbourne’s first startup accelerator AngelCube, Adrian takes early stage, transactional web business concepts, works with the founders to develop their business models and prototypes, test the market, and gain traction before taking them to their next stage funding rounds and through to exit. –AngelCube


How to prepare yourself for an incubator program

Andrew Birt is a marketer and entrepreneur with a love of technology and the Internet. Co-founder of Melbourne’s first startup accelerator AngelCube, Andrew specialise in helping new businesses test assumptions, discover customer pain points, develop go-to-market strategies, build brands, gain traction and raise capital from private investors. – AngelCube


Things you will need to know about capital raising

Darcy Naunton is a General Partner at Adventure Capital, an early stage digital media venture capital fund focused on funding and guiding early stage digital media and web 2.0 companies. Adventure Capital is intently focused on advancing the digital and online technology ecosystem, capitalising on Australia’s intellectual capital by providing opportunities for innovative, driven and intelligent entrepreneurs to reach their full potential. – Adventure Capital

Internet marketing for your business

Simon Oldham is an Internet marketing specialist and founder of Clik Marketing. Specialising in search engine optimisation (SEO), paid search marketing (SEM), affiliate marketing, lead generation, web development, online business coaching, and software/product development, Simon is passionate about the digital realm and can help you whip up your own Internet marketing strategy in 15 minutes! – Clik Marketing


How to increase user engagement with gamification

Marigo Raftopoulos is the Principal Strategist at Strategic|Games|Lab and Australia’s foremost gamification expert. As an advisor to a number of Australian businesses including Wooboard, Vumero and Movr, Marigo develops strategic business solutions using systems thinking, game dynamics, gamification and game-based learning. – Strategic|Games|Lab


How to design a game in 5 minutes

David Gelman specialises in digital strategy, stakeholder engagement and product development via the use of gamification. In conjunction with Marigo, David provides cutting-edge strategies on how to increase productivity, motivation and fun in the work environment in addition to engagement from your users. – Strategic|Games|Lab



Accounting and business tips: The things you will need to know

Paul Meissner is a passionate chartered accountant looking at turning the accounting industry on its head and specialises in financial advice for small and medium sized businesses, and the integration of tailored cloud-based tools within business systems in order to boost productivity, improve efficiencies and, in the end, deliver more value. – Five Ways


3 things you do and don’t need a lawyer for in a startup

Kurt Falkenstein is the Founder and General Standards and Special Counsel at Rouse Lawyers. Tired of the cost and complexity that lawyers are famous for, Kurt founded General Standards; a legal startup built for startups so that every startup can start its business on solid legal foundations. – General Standards



WordPress and keyword marketing and How to use social media to improve your business

Felicia Newbury is a passionate believer in educating business owners on the importance of having an online presence and believes keyword research is the most important ingredient for setting the foundations of a successful online business. Felicia will quickly and easily identify both the strengths and weaknesses of your Internet marketing campaigns as well as work with you to build the foundations for your business’ online success. – Felicia Newbury Consulting


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