New Startup: Ticket Ninja!

- March 12, 2012 2 MIN READ

A young entrepreneur in Australia who goes by the moniker John X, will be launching a new business next month called Ticket Ninja. In a nutshell what this new online business will do is allow event organisers and businesses to create a social buzz about their upcoming events, by giving away free tickets.

These people have been giving away free tickets for ages to events via radio stations, competitions and celebrity give aways, the site will also be selling discounted tickets to events when they are available as well. Ticket Ninja has already been proven to be a success with a host of testimonials and an impressive list of production companies, music festivals and concerts that have already started using the service.

“Ticket Ninja is creating a revolution of event goers who are willing to promote online for free tickets and access to VIP Industry tickets. We‟re creating a movement that‟s never been seen before in the Australian market that will help event promoters reach capacity and build buzz. Our aim is to build up membership so that we can obtain more free tickets from event promoters to give away,” said Ticket Ninja Chief Executive Officer, John X.

The Ticket Ninja website was developed and built locally in New South Wales and has plans to scale across Australia and New Zealand. It‟s also a great way to discover events that are coming up and try new types of events for cheap. Ticket Ninja is a great example of Australian tech start-ups that have been spawning from budding young entrepreneurs with visions for Silicon Valley.

The Ticket Ninja team is also backed by a who’s who of the Young Entrepreneur landscape in Australia with names like Jack Delosa, Stuart Cook, Andrew Morello and Dave Fastuca all involved. Other than the fact that any business with the word Ninja in it is instantly awesome in my eyes, I think this one is going to be one to watch over the coming months as they start connecting with the big event organisers and build a following via social media.



Ticket Ninja – Join the Revolution from Ticket Ninja on Vimeo.