Facebook Page Template Kit (for Timeline)

- March 4, 2012 2 MIN READ

With Facebook Timeline now able to be used for Pages, it’s time to think about how you can use the Cover image and square-only Profile Picture to fully benefit your business.

Download the Facebook Page Timeline – Cover Image and Profile Picture Template Kit PSD

Unfortunately, Facebook has some strange limitations should you wish to customise your Cover image and Profile Picture with pixel precision. For example, although the Cover image is 815px (width) x 315px (height), uploading a Cover image of that exact size causes a strange zoom and crop, causing a low-res, pixellated result. Additionally, although new Profile Pictures are 125px squares, you can’t upload anything less than 180px square files!

Shoe String Startups thus made the Facebook Page Timeline – Cover Image and Profile Picture Template Kit PSD (click here to download now)! This PSD makes it a three stage process to get a beautifully constructed Cover image and Profile Picture for your brand page. 1) Design 2) Save Profile Picture 3) Save Cover image. The PSD is annotated, grouped and layered and is thus a cinch to use. See below for an example of Typographic‘s use of the kit below.

We hope you enjoy using the kit, and feel free to give us any feedback to make it easier for you to design and implement your Page’s spanking new Cover image and Profile Picture!

1. In order to adhere to Facebook’s upload limitations, the template is upscaled by 144%. Once you save and upload your Cover image and Profile Picture, these automatically scale proportionately in Facebook.

2. When clicked, Cover images display the full image uploaded, regardless of the (cropped proportion of the) Cover image displayed on your Page’s Timeline. The PSD includes recommendations as to how to deal with the ‘dead space’ which will be visible if and when people view your Cover photos album.

3. Remember that all images uploaded to Facebook can be captioned and tagged by location, person or page. Often Profile Pictures and Cover images are neglected in this way, but consider using tags to link viewers to your website, or explain more about your business!