Creating a Vision Board …

- March 26, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

If you’re staring at a blank space where a business plan ought to be, or are sitting pondering what truly deserves your attention, you so need a vision. It’s only with a destination in view that you can hope to plan the route.

A decade or so ago I was introduced to the process of creating a ‘vision board’ using tear outs from magazines. Grab yourself three or four magazines. Not the type packed with celebrities, but ones with images that suggest aspects of life you find appealing. They don’t have to be current, so the neighbours’ recycling bins should provide ample fodder.

Next up, tear out images that depict situations you’re looking to create more of and paste them onto a board. Add hand written phrases or headlines from the magazine to emphasise points. Make the board quite large and ideally clear a space on the wall to hang it.

The images may cover how and where you work; the people within your network; the tranquility or vibrancy you have around you and of course, your nearest and dearest … even if they’re yet to appear in your life. In a clear up, I dug out a vision board I created a few years ago. It featured images of a handful of people working happily in their funky little offices.

They looked like really nice, interesting people, the sort I’d love to work alongside. Scarily like my current business partners. Indeed, aside from the absence of a car built in Stuttgart, all aspects of my vision board have been realised.

And who cares, my family wagon is really very sleek.



by Flying Solo founder and coach, Robert Gerrish