Announcement from Shoe String Media

- March 2, 2012 3 MIN READ

First and foremost I would like to thank every single one of you – all of you. Whether you read the very first post on this site when we started it 9 months ago, or if you are just checking it out for the first time today!  When I started this site I did not expect that within a year we would experience growth at the rate we have, yes we have worked hard and I have an awesome team behind me that have spent everyday driving this – but we have been blown away by the support we have received from the Aussie Startup and SMB community.

I want to share with you today a little bit about our plans moving forward and explain some of the reasons behind the decisions I have made and why I feel they are in the best interest of Shoe String Media Group and the Australian Startup Community. I have broken some of the changes down so that you get the general gist of the direction we will be heading in.

Our 12th Issue will be our last monthly physical magazine

Basically the digital side of our business has become a little bit bigger than we anticipated, it is also the most profitable. I want to celebrate our first birthday with a magazine though and that is why we will be going until June with our monthly A5 Magazine. What that means for the business is I can channel more of our resources and content into the site, break news faster, cover more startup stories and develop video content for the site which plays a big part in the direction we are heading as a company. We will also be integrating our digital content into an app mid year – which is going to be very bloody awesome!

We will be producing a Yearly Physical Magazine – [Top 100 Aussie Startups]

Now this is exciting news for Startup right around Australia, we will be producing an Annual List of the Top 100 Startups in Australia on a yearly basis, this will be a premium full sized publication that we will be partnering with a publishing company on to ensure national distribution. It will be full of cool photo shoots and info on the startup scene in Aus and be released on December 1st 2012. [Make sure your startup is on our radar!]

CoFounda is a major Shoe String Media Investment

As part of the Shoe String Media investment arm, we will be heavily involved in globally scaling cofounda app, given what we write about and the news we produce, users of the app will also be major sources for stories, site contributions and we want to continue to encourage collaboration within the startup community. We will also be using this arm of the business to launch other exciting projects in the digital content and app space throughout the year.

Video Content is going to be a BIG part of what we Do!

We will soon [next week] be launching a competition to choose official startup video bloggers from each state around Australia, this will be an exciting extension to the Shoe String Family. We will also be starting work on some concepts for a pilot based around the Aussie startup scene and will feed more of this to you once things fall into place.

So there you have it, scaling back on a couple of things to have some intense focus on the above four areas. We live by the mantra of concentrating on a few things and executing on them brilliantly here at Shoe String – A big thanks to my team Luke and Derya for their efforts thus far – their commitment has been as much as mine. I would also like to thank Rob Lambert our US based blogger / editor /guy  [that gets to go and interview the fun people at hollywood parties] for all his contributions. Thanks to ALL our fabulous contributors each month, you guys are seriously fab!! Also a big thanks to Andy and the team at HS3 Media who take care of our advertising now, you guys rock and we look forward to a strong and prosperous relationship.

Right, Let’s get to it team.


Mat Beeche



[If you currently have a subscription to the mag that is not due to end until after July, the auto payments will be reversed]