23 Year Old plans to Revolutionise Concreting!

- March 28, 2012 2 MIN READ

It is always refreshing when you sit down for a chat with someone and they have plans so big that a half hour meeting ends up taking a couple of hours and then some. This was my experience when I sat down with 23 year old Nathan Aquilina last week and he told me about his startup Mason Concrete Group.

The fact that someone so young has already built a business that at only 6 months old is already generating hundreds of thousands of dollars in revenue is already extremely impressive and inspiring at first glance, but when he began to tell me his plans around how he is preparing to completely revolutionise the industry, I literally sat there in complete awe whilst I listened to his story.

The first thing you notice when you meet him is you would not pick him for a concreter, [or rather the typical stereotype you would expect one to look like] he commands a real presence for someone so young – suited, well presented and well spoken – the sales person you dream of having in your organisation. He has big plans for Mason Concrete Group, he understands capital raising and acquisition and is using these skills to gain marketshare at a rate much faster than any of his competitors.

With a focus on acquiring other concrete businesses that have key contracts existing he is building a strong portfolio any tradesman would be envious of. He also understands how acquiring key suppliers of equipment and materials will allow him to manage costs easier within his business and is also setting his eyes on bringing quite a few of those into the folds, keeping his overall costs down.

Then there is the franchise model, slick, calculated and already beginning to be executed. The interest is already there and the systems are all being put in place to support this – and that is the revolutionary part, Aquilina is all about systemisation and education, it is not just about having franchisee’s and having heaps of contracts in place, it is also about education and certification and he intends to make Mason Concrete Group the industry leader in this space. He is also creating a new online education system for other concrete businesses to use when training staff and apprentices as part of this process.

The Vision is Big, but he knows the space – inside and out – and every goal has an expiry date. This guy is on a schedule.