Which Road do I Take?

- February 10, 2012 2 MIN READ

I have been walking down an adventure filled path for almost 12 months, I started my business on the side of my day job in sales management thinking that it would be a way to generate some extra income on the side, fund some nice holidays and allow me to get out of debt I got myself into being young and stupid at the start of my 20’s.

However what I didn’t expect was what happened around the 3 month mark of having the business, a year ago if you had told me I would have an incorporated company, a series of contributors to my publication a business partner, a radio show and that I would also be starting a tech business at the start of 2012, I would have said you were bonkers.

I had hoped for success, but something I didn’t do was PLAN for it – and I should have because now I find myself at a fork in the road. One path leads me down a path of doing the same routine working for an employer, moonlighting on my side gigs and not allowing them to reach their full potential, the other road allows me to focus on what I am passionate about, focus on growth, focus on my own businesses revenue with a slight chance of financial risk as I won’t have that good old steady pay check coming in each month.

The fact is what was a little money earner on the side has turned into a full time business, with overheads, a team and it needs it’s leader to be 100% present and drive the vision forward. I never thought taking the leap would be so scary, but it also excites me as it’s sink or swim and time for me to show off my true potential.

Are you at a similar crossroad? Which road are you going to take?