The Travelling Peelsman

- February 8, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

I love hearing of new startups and business concepts that you have never seen happening before, and when I heard about a startup that went travelling around the country to peoples homes to give them medical grade face peel treatments, we simply couldn’t keep the story to ourselves.

Meet founder of the Travelling Peelsman, James Vivian – A 28 year old who has recently started his own skin therapy business,where even after just a few months he has over 600 clients across the country and is growing. Growing so fast in fact that he plans on opening up a clinic in the coming months to keep up with business.

Our cosmetic sector is growing at an incredibly fast rate, technologies are becoming more advanced and consumers are becoming more savvy to the market and aware of their skin, demanding clinically proven treatments.

The Travelling Peelsman currently operates across Sydney and Melbourne, this creative startup has franchise written all over it, plus I think in a few years having part of the business as an RTO would be a very smart move. “It’s first of its kind, The Travelling Peelsman offers a service which is convenient, thoughtful and effective, with an injection of colour, whimsy and a bow-tie” says Vivian.