The Rural Startup Boom!

- February 28, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Watch out city slickers, gone are the days where you all wore the suits and the good folk in the country milked the cows and harvested the crops, there is a new breed of country kid emerging from the paddock and they are about to take the startup scene by storm!

Being a country kid myself I get a little more excited every time I am home visiting the folks and I have an extra bar of mobile service on my phone, and with the roll out of the NBN and better, faster internet access than ever before, there is a fragmented tech scene down among the gum trees that is beginning to find it’s legs – which is very exciting indeed.

Last week we ran a story on Albury startup Constructiv a new tech business that is part of the Microsoft BizSpark program, a few weeks before we ran a story on another amazing startup from Broken Hill – not to mention at the top end of Queesland a young man and his father are working on a new innovative social site called WatyaGot which is due to launch very soon and is currently in it’s first round of raising seed capital.

We are going to make a couple of predictions, firstly we think that places such as Wagga Wagga, which have plenty of great big office spaces and decent infrastructure in place will become a hub for these new startups to go to, and secondly you will see a shift in the way our government markets the startup scene assisting mentors and tech companies to relocate small parts or their entire businesses into the bush with some pretty decent kick backs.

Disagree? Agree? What do you think?