The 20 Latest Tech Acquisitions!

- February 28, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

There have been some serious purchasing activity of technologies happening during the month of February, including the acquisition of Aussie startup Chomp for a rumoured $50 million dollars by Apple last week.

We thought we would take a look at the 20 most recent tech company acquisitions and who they sold to, and how much for if the information was available and not private information.

What do you think of the list? Any Surprises?


Date Target Acquirer Price
2/12 SAM by Brighter Option Buddy Media N/A
2/12 LiftDNA OpenX N/A
2/12 Career Training Academy HCP & Company N/A
2/12 Lightwire Cisco $271M
2/12 AppAssure Software Dell N/A
2/12 Recurve Tendril N/A
2/12 Chomp Apple N/A
2/12 Vibe betaworks N/A
2/12 Roundarch Aegis Group $125M
2/12 Mykonos Software Juniper Networks $80M
2/12 Zone Impact eRecycling Corps N/A
2/12 SuccessFactors SAP $3.4B
2/12 LiteTouch Savant Systems N/A
2/12 Circle of Moms Sugar N/A
2/12 Hyperpublic Groupon N/A
2/12 ttMobiles Tangoe N/A
2/12 Traffix Systems F5 Networks N/A
2/12 Mobile Theory Mobil Theory $50M
2/12 Napera Networks OPS WAT N/A
2/12 Kima Labs Groupon N/A


[Source: Crunchbase.com]