Sydney Startup JayRide secures $400K in funding!

- February 23, 2012 2 MIN READ

Land Travel Marketplace Jayride.com announced its recent round of funding yesterday from a group of Sydney based Angel Investors, including Search Marketing expert Andrey Shirben. The investment will allow founders Rod Bishop and Ross Lin to take their company which launched in 2011 to the next level and scale globally – starting with the UK over the next couple of months.

“The travel sector is so fragmented, and the goal of Jayride is to aggregate land travel so that people are aware of the options that surround them” says Bishop. “We know that most transport companies are actually small businesses that don’t have the funds or ability to market themselves, we help with that connecting them with customers and giving people cheaper alternatives in getting from A to B”

Some of the alternative modes of transport may include carpooling, private buses or even shuttles that customers are unaware run from their area that can save them on travel costs each month. The site which already operates across Australia and New Zealand has over 20 000 members combined and has already had over 100 thousand “rides” occur.

In Jayride.com, Mr. Shirben sees an opportunity to solve a global travel problem, aggregating and distributing land travel data from the most fragmented of suppliers including rideshares, shuttle and bus networks, then deliver this data to the hands of travel search companies.

“After meeting Jayride’s Founders, following up with them over the course of a few months and seeing their execution, the decision to invest was an easy one,” said Andrey Shirben. “Great team, disruptive idea, lots of business potential in a huge market. What else could an investor ask for?”

Indeed – And we certainly love hearing about local startups getting local investment – It is a great thing to know that some of the major names in the future of tech are coming from our shores!