Startup: Bebup

- February 9, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Bebup.com was founded by mother Tatiana Gold in 2011. It is a community for mum’s and dad’s to share their parenting experiences, skills, friendships, children’s clothes, toys and a wide selection of other freebies. The site is already proving popular with over 2000 people on their Facebook community alone, and they are still only in BETA!

Considering the rate at which children grow in the early years and the push nowadays for collaborative consumption as well as the current economic climate, this service has entered the market at the perfect time. This website is a great example of the social niche trend that is starting to become quite apparent in the tech space, and parents – in particular mothers has always been a strong community and a very engaged one – so we predict this site is going to continue to grow quite quickly over the next 12 months.