Starting an App? These 5 features are HOT right now…

- February 20, 2012 2 MIN READ

The App Boom started years ago, but now everyone is doing it, literally thousands of them go live on the app stores across the various smartphone platforms everyday. Some experience fast growth because of their addictive nature and within a couple of years are worth billions such as Angry Birds, some make high school students hundreds of thousands of dollars before they even graduate setting them up for buying a house earlier than expected in life and others sadly, never see a single download. It is a tough market, a risky market – but worth it if you have a good story and people are engaged in that story.

When it comes to apps Simplicity is key – sure the coding in the back end is probably complicated as all hell, but the key is to make it the easiest things for users to experience. So what are some of the stand out features at the moment when it comes to apps? What are the things attracting people to download? Here are a list of 5 things that are currently hot right now when it comes to features in the app world.

1. Geo Technology

Location based is a big one, surprise surprise the sex and dating industry have been the leaders in this space, allowing people to meet locals in real time that literally live around the corner. We are now seeing all sorts of industries and social platforms using location technology and it is only going to get smarter and smarter.

2. Cloud Technology

People want to be able to access what they are doing from multiple devices, especially when it comes to business and productivity apps. Cloud Technology allows users to access their info no matter where they are as long as they have some sort of connection to the internet.

3. Social Video Sharing

Instagram was hailed in 2011 as being one of the coolest apps of the year, sharing photos socially was the it thing last year. In 2012 video is going to be what is hip, with apps like Path allowing you to film short video blogs through different lenses in different styles. We are going to see a lot more of these popping up.

4. Simple Sign In Processes

This is something all developers should be thinking of. It is more and more common for twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook to be used as a sign in process to streamline everything, you don’t want to lose your customers before they even start using the service.

5. Gamification

People like “Fun” and apps that are games or include a gaming element, keep an audience engaged longer, the key is make it addictive, and make it free at the beginning. There is a reason that the top grossing apps on the app store are games and are all free to download, the money comes from purchasing within the app.

It’s a fun thing to do, but one should only make an app, if they are prepared for the task of continual updates and improvements. The upkeep, takes stamina.