Start Something. Get Connected!

- February 14, 2012 2 MIN READ

We all have ideas. But the thing with ideas is, they are worth nothing until we start acting on them. The number one rule that gets in the road of developing an idea is skills. However, a new app that launches today is set to change the way entrepreneurs, consultants and angel investors connect globally with each other.

Cofounda is a new app for smartphones [across iOS and Android] that is set to make connecting with people wanting to start something or be a part of something more efficient. Thanks to location technology and instant messaging to connect instantly to start discussing ideas has never been easier. This is great especially if you are wanting to do something local, as you can select people with complementary skillsets from your local area. The advanced search functions make connecting on a global scale much more powerful. For instance, an Aussie wanting to go and spend time in Silicon Valley can connect with like minded people prior to flying across the globe, and essentially hitting the ground running with initial connections in place.

The app also has a major component that is dedicated to services for startups. With global launch partners such as Servcorp already on board, their locations within the app and a series of packages are tailored towards the startup community.

“One of the major hurdles for anyone building a business are the costs associated with setting yourself up,” says Mat Beeche, one of the creators of the Cofounda app. “By partnering with companies and becoming a portal for them to market products, targeted at the startup community, our users could end up saving thousands of dollars on items such as insurance, loans, stationary, office space and electrical goods, and that’s just a few things,” he adds.

The most interesting of the facets is the “Angel” feature, which will roll out over the coming weeks. The community in this part of the app is by invite only. Investors and incubators are able to invite other “Angels” to join the community. The community cannot be contacted within the app unless they initiate the contact. But the coolest feature is that entrepreneurs will be able to “Pitch” ideas via their phone with a short video directly to the “Angels”.

Rural startups should not shy away from this app. Why? Rural startups may not have the means to get in front of city based incubators or investors. Thanks to Cofounda, the techonology now places everyone on an even playing field when it comes to pushing their message out there.

For more information, visit www.cofounda.com


cofounda app on Vimeo.