Social Media Audit Checklist

- February 3, 2012 2 MIN READ

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The New Year is here and it’s a great time to look at your online efforts and clean up where needed.  So to help you along, here are a few check-list items to make sure your heading in the right direction!

Do all of your online profiles contain your company branding?

All of your online profiles should contain your logo, your contact information, your bio and links to your website.  Ensuring that your brand is recognizable online will increase your followers by enabling users to find you online.

Are all of your social media profiles integrated?

Not only with your other online profiles, but with your offline signage?  Put clear links on your website to your other online profiles and link all your profiles to each other.  Include your social media information in your email signature and in your email newsletters.  This will help increase your online followings and help others find you online when they need to.

Do you have a clear goal?

If you do not, chances are after some time you will be left wondering why you ever started Tweeting and blogging in the first place.  Have a clear reason for why you are investing time into social media and you can then gauge if your efforts are working, what works best and whether you need to change anything.  Pick some key metrics to measure the success of your goals and make sure you measure these metrics at 4 to 6 week intervals.  For example, if your goal is an increase in online sales, then your metrics might be an increase in website traffic or, the obvious, an increase in        online sales!  Check at the end of every month what tools you used online to achieve your goals and what gave you the best returns!

Is your community happy?

A happy community is an engaged and active one!  Your followers should be regularly participating in discussions around your online content.  If you are posting frequently but it seems to be falling on deaf ears then its time to re-think the type of content you are publishing and perhaps also the time in which you are posting.  Are you being consistent when posting?  Do your followers know what to expect and when?  Do you have a ‘Free Tip Friday’ or a ‘Video Blog Monday’?  You should also have a system in place that ensures that anytime a user leaves a comment on your profiles that you respond quickly, honestly and with any information that they require.


Make improvements to these few key areas and you’ll be heading in the right direction with social media for 2012!

Ashleigh Johnson is Director at the Two Cents Group www.twocentsgroup.com.au