Shoo Fly, I am trying to eat an Effin’ meal here!

- February 29, 2012 2 MIN READ

If you are not a fan of eating outside and having a BBQ on a nice summer’s day, you are probably not Australian. We Aussie’s have a particular love for the old sausage sizzle and salad on a Saturday arvo with a few bevvie’s, the only thing that breaks the bliss of cracking open an ice cold and putting your feet up out on the porch are bloody flies! – Yes you know what I’m talking about.

Brisbane boys Andrew “Smithy” Smith and Rob Ayala have solved this problem with their recently launched startup “Shoo Away” – a chemical free, family friendly way to keep flies away from food. With a background in industrial design and product development, ShooAway co-inventor Andrew ‘Smithy’ Smith said necessity was the mother of invention when conceptualising their product.

“With hands waving all over the table to try and keep the flies away, the idea suddenly struck – what if we had something that could sit on the table and do the shoo-ing for us?” Smith said.

“The idea is simple in design and practical in implementation. We incorporated two battery-operated, soft-blade propellers that pause when touched so as not to get in the way of the dining.

“After many barbeques and long lunches we finalised the design and since launching are well on our way to hitting the 10,000 sales milestone” – a huge achievement for being in their first few months of business.

ShooAway is a unique product in the fly-repellent market as it uses no chemicals and has been designed to be child and pet friendly.

The Federal Government’s Australian Innovation System Report ranks Australians highly as ‘domestic modifiers’, meaning we have a greater tendency to modify existing innovations for our own use – in ShooAway’s case, the fan becomes the fly repellent.