Sharkey Bro’s at it Again – New Startup Bislr

- February 21, 2012 2 MIN READ

Chris Sharkey today announced that his new internet start up, Bislr (pronounced Biz-ler) is on a mission to end the frustration faced by today’s business owners when trying to create a professional website and market their business online.

The brains behind the Stayz and Driven By Limo websites has come up with the solution: Bislr, a central place to manage your business online. Bislr’s mission is to make running a business online easy. Using Bislr, Australian business owners can set up an easy to manage, free website in a completely pain free way.

Business owners can build their free site in minutes. They start by choosing from a professionally designed theme and then build their website using a dead simple drag and drop process. In minutes, their website is online. Bislr also gives its users the tools they need to market their business online and socially connect with their customers on Facebook and Twitter.

Chris explains “We looked at every aspect of running your business online; creating and maintaining your website, adding forms, videos, photos, email marketing, social media and search engine optimization. We’ve tried really hard to make all this stuff easy, we’ve been there ourselves and that’s what’s driving us everyday to make Bislr the best and easiest place to run your business online.”

After selling his first business, Stayz in 2006 Chris was approached by hundreds of businesses all wanting his help with their business online, “I started seeing everyone, everywhere was struggling with the technology, it was costing them a fortune to get a simple website up and they just had no idea how to market their business online. I wanted to help.”

In 2009 Chris joined forces with his brothers Michael and Peter, and together they hired a team of talented developers and took to the problem head on. Chris says Bislr solves many of the problems business owners struggle with when trying to create an online presence.

While Bislr is free to setup and use, businesses can also join Bislr premium for $199/year which includes a free domain name and provides more benefits such as increased bandwidth, storage and email credits.

This ambitious project has been described by excited investors as “a revolution for online business.” Bislr attracted attention and investment from leading Australian and Silicon Valley investors and was also recently accepted into the Australian Technology Showcase (ATS) in NSW to help support the export of the product overseas.

“This is generation entrepreneur and generation entrepreneur needs a platform like Bislr to make business online easier.”

Bislr is currently in beta and invite only. Business owners interested in being invited to Bislr can visit www.bislr.com. Invites are being released daily and wait time is averaging 2 days.