Rural Entrepreneur Creates New Global Platform!

- February 21, 2012 2 MIN READ

There are two things I know about Albury / Wodonga – The first is there is a trout farm nearby and the second is I suck at fishing even when the fish are in captivity, [settle down animal lovers, it’s all above board] – So I was pretty surprised when I interviewed Jason Cartwright and found out that his new tech startup Constructiv was formed and ran in the country – no easy feat to pull off, let me assure you.

Constructiv allows people with ideas on how to improve products share these ideas with the rest of the Constructiv community as well as the companies who make those products, allowing them to use their own customers contracts to make improvements for later models of the product. At the moment, the business is all web based, but Cartwright says that an app will be the next thing to be created, realising the value of feedback on the go.

Cartwright has bootstrapped the whole business, in collaboration with Microsoft Bizspark who he says have been amazing right throughout the building process over the past 12 months. Right now the 30 year old entrepreneur is concentrating on building the community and user adoption of the platform, and will then begin on bringing businesses and brands on board. “It is a two fold game, we need the community writing the constructs giving feedback to the brands, and the brands using the service to enhance their product offerings to the customers”

At the moment the site is concentrating on hardware products, but already people are starting to write constructs on software items, “Looking long term, there is no reason that other industries couldn’t use the site as well, bands could upload their latest demo for their new album to get feedback for example” says Cartwright.

Regional startups are starting to break into the mainstream market nowadays, it’s exciting and we look forward to sharing more of their stories with you over the next few months.