Popular Aussie Startup Trends in 2012

- February 6, 2012 2 MIN READ

In 2011 Group Buying was the big trend in the startup space, after the sale of Spreets for $40 million there was at least three group buying sites starting up each week. This seems to have died down dramatically in the last 2 months, and so the big question is – What will be the popular, on trend thing in the new business space this year? Here are the types of businesses I think we will be seeing a lot of over the next 12 months.

Create Your Own

Sites such as Shoes of Prey [Create your Own Shoes] and StyleRocks [Create Your Own Jewellery] have seen a lot of press over the past few months and with the additions of even more Create Your Own sites like Evolvex [Furniture] Papillionaire [Bicycles] and Vinspi [Men’s Suits] towards the back end of the year, we are going to see a sudden surge around May / June of more sites like this across various different industries. People like a one off piece of clothing, accessory etc, and everyone will start catering for this. The Shoes of Prey gang already have two of these sites with Sneaking Duck [Eye Glasses] launching late last year.


Data for Small Business

Marketing consulting is already a pretty big space, and this will continue to grow. The difference will be though is small business will really start to embrace data in a way they have never done before. Nowadays with an increase in online businesses and apps, there is so much data in the world that there will be an increase in startups that exist for the purpose of understanding and translating all this information. These services will allow every business from the coffee shop down the road to the growing accounting firm to understand their customers, their competitors customers and their location in a whole new and sophisticated way.



Mobile is going to continue to grow, and more and more startups will be wanting a service where they can connect with their customers everywhere. Connecting and making sure their customers are having fun when they are interacting with each other is a priority. Geo Location technology and clever advertising modules will be a major feature in this space.

Of course online will continue to grow, with over 60,000 new domain names currently being purchased every month in Australia, and as retail looks at cheaper, cost effective ways to do business.

[pictured: Vinspi Suit]