Perth Startup FLOQ goes Global

- February 26, 2012 2 MIN READ

A new Perth-based app aimed at changing the way products, people and companies compare themselves to the rest of the world has launched its private beta. Floq is a free web app that allows people to gather feedback about their teams, products and companies and compare those results to others in their industry.

Cofounder Jonah Cacioppe says the vision is to help people see the bigger picture. “If you ask a few questions to your customers about what they think of your new branding, there’s currently no way to find out how their opinion compares to everyone else out there. Getting feedback from customers is useful; but knowing how your results compare against others in your industry gives you a clear picture of what that feedback means,” he said.

“That’s why we’ve built comparative benchmarking into Floq’s core. We believe context is king, and without benchmarking to compare responses across time, location and other demographics, you’re monkeying around like a ship’s captain without a map.”

Jonah also said sharing is another feature of the app. “Life is more fun when we share. Sharing knowledge means we all grow, after all we often have the same questions, we just don’t know someone else asked that same question yesterday. Floq solves this by sharing questions and anonymous answers.”

Floq’s autosuggest feature dishes up options for you as you type and shows you how many people have used this question before you, so you can always compare your feedback to the rest of the world. And if users don’t see anything they like Floq lets them make their own, making it easier for the next person conducting a similar survey. As user numbers grow people will find they have more and more context around their initial questions.

To request an exclusive invite to Floq’s private beta head over to http://www.floqapp.com

[pictured: Jonah Cacioppe]