Office romance and the Startup Entrepreneur

- February 10, 2012 2 MIN READ

Valentines Day is just around the corner, but before you go and buy your close knit startup team roses, you may want to listen to a few things that Cosimina Nesci has to say.

A startup business consumes your every waking moment that you forget about your personal life. This is when office romance becomes a reality – long hours, intense conversations with emotions and feelings floating in the air. Unfortunately most office romances leave a trail of whispers, resentment and shattered work relationships. As the boss your professional relationship with every employee is vital to your success.

Here are tips on managing an office romance and possibly minimising the pain to both your emotions and your business

1. Do remember you are the boss

In the world of office etiquette dating an employee is a BIG mistake. It is impossible to objectively supervise and manage a person you are sleeping with. Be careful the romance may be deemed sexual harassment when it falls apart.

2. Do be discrete

Be assured that others in the office have worked out there is love in the air. Avoid any public displays of affection or favouritism. Also don’t record your romance by sending emails or text via office technology – someone in the technical department is bound to read it.

3. Do keep it off Facebook

Facebook is not the place to be showing off your romance or even breaking it up. It is a minefield for other employees and colleagues to view and start the whispers.

4. Do be professional

At work functions conduct yourself in a professional manner. It should be extremely evident that you treat all workers equal.

5. Do check the employee code of conduct policy.

Your business may have a code of conduct policy. Just because you are the boss it does not exempt you. [create one at the beginning to stop problems later!]

6. Do get a personal life

Starting a business is life consuming. It is in your best interest to have a social life away from work. Make it a point to get out there and socialise with friends outside your work circle.

Starting a new venture and be lonely. It is only natural that as you spend many hours with employees you build a relationship of trust and commonality, do not mistake this for personal feelings. As a growing business you need all the good people you can hire. So having a romantic interlude with a great worker may be detrimental to your business. Is it better to have a fling or a thriving successful business with great employees…you choose?


[Article Published in FEB Issue]

photo: eharmony.com.au