New Startup: ExpectReferrals.com

- February 20, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

There really isn’t anything stronger than word of mouth. Most successful businesses experience their growth because of this, consumers these days are much more savvy than ever and an advertisement is no where near as powerful as a recommendation from a friend or trusted resource anymore.

New Startup ExpectReferrals.com was dreamed up by a team of marketers and allows users to run their own incentive sharing marketing programs and campaigns. In essence you get your current customers to share and recommend your business with their family and friends and in turn they are rewarded with offers, discounts and coupons.

The beauty is it is all measurable due to the back end system that you control everything from yourself as a new business. Coupons are huge in the states right now, an estimated 88.2 million people are “coupon-ing” right now. But will Aussies embrace the craze as much as they have overseas? I believe they will if small businesses using the site are smart about how they put their offers together.

Check out ExpectRefferals.com and do a free trial for your business and let us know what you think.