New Startup: Cadee

- February 3, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

Now I am not a golfer by any means, but this new startup fresh from Silicon Valley is starting to attract global attention. Cadee is a new application that allows golfers to track their stats and it acts as the ultimate handicap calculator. There is also a social element to the app so that you can connect with fellow golfers.

For the avid golfer [both professional and for leisure] this app has it all, not only can you track your progress as you go through the golfing season, you can also view and check out new golf courses around the place, and look at what other golfers have said about them. And let’s face it, everyone playing a sport loves competition, and Cadee allows you to meet your competition even if you never actually “meet” your competition, your stats rank against others you are connected with in the app, so you always have someone that you are playing against.

At the moment Cadee is Canadian owned and run, but with their recent pitch at the 500 startups demo day last week, I predict it is only a matter of time before some smart money comes into the mix and their operation expands to include golf clubs all over the world.