New Aussie Startup: Payified

- February 2, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

One day physical money, is going to be a thing of the past, cash will be exchanged virtually through new technologies and it will change the way we think about shopping and buying goods.

New Aussie Startup Payified is a new app that allows people to buy and pay for anything, anywhere, anytime. Simply put when you see a Payified QR Code linked to a product, you scan the code, confirm that you would like to buy the product and then you scan your credit card to pay. It is a very simple concept, but because the app will already have your address, it make the whole end to end process seamless – product will be shipped directly to you.

Potentially this app could begin to turn things around for local businesses, as we know now days everyone still goes out Window shopping, they try things on, see how they look and then go and buy them online at a cheaper price. We could very well see a shift to “sample” or “try on” stores with less staff, no physical cash and online order fulfilment within the store – even next day delivery.

Founding team member Alaister Low says “We are passionate about reinventing retail. We envision retails changing in the future to show rooms with sample products” he says this will help business owners to cut down costs on labour, rent and inventory.

Payified will be launching soon, register at www.payified.com