Launching Soon: MateWire

- February 13, 2012 < 1 MIN READ

This soon to launch startup is the brain child of entrepreneurs Marius Kramer and Daniel Tran. MateWire connects likeminded people and helps them to find each other through activities. For instance if you were really into rock climbing and you didn’t know anyone else that liked to go rock climbing with – you would use MateWire to connect with others in the same situation.

“The idea was developed with the help of Matt Barrie and Bill Bartee in the Technology Venture Creation class at Sydney Uni, where we received small funding, we used that for market research and the initial development” says Kramer.

With the app friendships with likeminded people are formed and the idea is that groups of people with the same interests will join you on your adventures, no matter what they may be. The two will begin publicising their app over the coming months as they near their launch date. They will also be presenting at the Sydney Tech Startup expo which takes place on the 15th of March.



Job Opportunity

MateWire is currently looking for a third person to join as a cofounder. The person will need Ruby Rails Skills. if you are an awesome Rails programmer today contact the team at MateWire.